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Selected Works

AKAI SOLO - "Waveland"

A music video for AKAI SOLO released in 2023. This video highlights AKAI's natural flow and the smooth rhythm of the beat. It features subtitles to help emphasize his complex lyrics. Edited in Premiere, directed by Mike Petrow.

PSweet Official Trailer

One of several trailers for "PSweet," a video game released by Future Proof in 2021 in which the user dates anthropomorphic computer programs. This trailer was fully animated in After Effects and showcases my graphics work. In addition to trailers, I created a number of animations for the game itself using sprites and stock footage, including one in which a popcorn machine turns into a giant mech.

PSweet PConnect Commercial

Another trailer for the video game "PSweet" made using Premiere and After Effects. Marketing for the game was divided into two styles: standard modern ads, like the one above, and "in-universe" ads produced by the fictional company in the game, made to have a retro 90s look which required me to create a custom-designed VHS filter for the video and audio.

Necessary People - "Purple Tears from God"

A music video for the group Necessary People released in 2021. This video features high-paced cuts to an energetic song. Made in Premiere,  directed by Mike Petrow.

"The Most Dangerous Man" Trailer

A trailer for "The Most Dangerous Man," an interactive feature film directed by Casey Schlosser and released by Future Proof in 2019 that I also edited. The film is a spoof of 80s action movies, and with all the options for audiences to choose, there were ultimately 81 different versions of the movie.


A short film released in 2019. Directed by Casey Schlosser.

Fightland Meets Liz Carmouche

A short-form documentary of the MMA fighter Liz Carmouche, produced for Fightland and Vice Media and released in 2014. Directed by Thiago Da Costa.

Still Standing: Mike Tyson

A short interview with Mike Tyson produced as part of a series of interviews with different boxers, all of which I edited, for EA Games in support of their game "Fight Night Champion" in 2011. Directed by Thiago Da Costa.


A short film released in 2011. Directed by Thiago Da Costa.

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